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Xerneas being a Fairy type and Yveltal being a Dark/Flying type are not surprising in the slightest. After Fairy was revealed it was pretty much predictable that that was going to be the typings. Definitely okay with this, I really like having a Dark typed legendary, which is something we've never seen before (outside of Darkrai!).

Goronda (Pancham's evolution) look awesome. I'm pretty happy they went from spunky to completely ferocious in terms of appearance. I have no idea why, but it's cape-like thing is pretty awesome looking too =P

Maika (the baby squid) and it's evolution are totally adorable. Plus Dark/Psychic typing is really cool. Sounds like something I'd want to try out just for screwing around with the type and move combinations. Admittedly the 4x weakness to Bug kind of stinks, but Bug moves aren't totally common so that's no big deal.

Peroppafu (the puff ball) is adorable. Definitely Fairy-type looking (in my opinion). I don't think I'd ever use it, but the fact that it is a X-exclusive Pokémon while Shushup (the pink bird, also Fairy typed) is Y-exclusive kind of leads me to getting X version.

Honedge getting No Guard is awesome. I'm really expecting it to get some cool lower accuracy moves for it to abuse. Here's hoping it has the offensive stats to back it up!

REALLY liking the appearance of the two Gym Leaders. We don't know their typings yet, but aesthically they're awesome.

AND IT'S OFFICIAL: TEAM FLAIR/FLARE! Weird name, not something I would have expected. Their motivation being making money and only making money is pretty out-there too, but it's different at least.
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