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    A couple questions about the evolution stones. I'm new to hex editing, and when I search for the offset, it doesn't find it. I'm making an evolution stone, and I figured it would make sense to use the ????? after leaf stone. It's 63, in dec, it's 99. subtract 13, and I have 86. multiply by 4 and I have 344. Converting to hex I have 158. Adding that to the offset, I have 252A14. When I open hex workshop, I click edit -> find and I type in the offset 252A14. It says it cannot be found. When I right click the info and go to "goto" and type it in, it brings me to what seems to be a random spot. When I type the digits into that spot, it has no effect. Could someone explain hex workshop, or maybe lead me to a better one? Thanks!

    edit - got it. thanks!
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