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Their motivation being making money and only making money is pretty out-there too, but it's different at least.
I believe Team Rocket had similar motives, if I'm correct? If not, then getting rich was at least part of the focus.

In any case, I'm pleased with pretty much everything I've seen so far! The Evil Team's uniform is rather unique, I think it looks pretty flipping sick. n_n I can tell this game is going to be quite eventful.

As stated before in this thread, the types of both Xerneas and Yveltal aren't really surprising in the slightest. People pretty much predicted what they were months ahead of time, and it was only a matter of waiting for the actual revelation. Though I do wonder if one had the advantage over the other. It's kind of strange too, that they haven't revealed the full strengths/weaknesses of fairy type at this point also, but I'm willing to roll with this.

Cotton Candy Pokemon looks rather odd, but at the same time pretty cute. Not something I would use myself though. I do wonder if it's stats would be similar to the Vanillite line.

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