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    Seems the first version gets the better Pokémon once again... BW was the exception, but I got Black because of Reshiram and the non-Unova exclusives (Weedle, Shroomish, Murkrow, Houndour).

    Yveltal's typing is nice but Dark/Flying is a boring combination, there are already two fully evolved Pokémon with such combination (Honchkrow and Mandibuzz) and one Dark-type legendary (Darkrai), while Xerneas is, for now, the only Fairy-type legendary, most probably created because of all the Dragon-type ubers. Would be awesome if Xerneas was Steel/Fairy, though, because, if Fairy resists Dragon, then it would be perfect to wall Dragon-type attacks.

    Yveltal's Death Wing move will probably be renamed owing to the dumbing-down the American market requires. Anyway, names don't mean a move is going to be good! Giratina's Shadow Force is a great example.

    The panda and the squid (especially the squid! looks like a wizard) look cool. Dark/Psychic is a bad defensive type (no resistances apart from Psychic immunity) but is a reasonably good offensive type, because Dark and Psychic coverage isn't redundant. The panda should be a bulkier, slower version of Scrafty, with different moves. Overlooked fact: the squid learns Hypnosis.

    The only use for the candy cotton Pokémon is, obviously, box fodder.

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