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    This is just a story I wrote. It's not complete yet, please tell me what you think of it.

    This is just the first chapter:

    Chapter 1: Rounding them up.
    Conor walked along the streets, kicking rubbish as he went past. He wasn’t sure of what to do. Conor was 15 years old and he was a very bored kid. He saw a lot of bulling but he thought that he should mind his own business. From this he had developed a hate for bullying. He kept on walking and saw what he thought was bulling. “Wish I could help.” Conor muttered. He then realised that the person being bullied wasn’t just being bullied, he was being tortured. “Oh they are going down now.” Conor said a little louder. He walked up to the bullies and said: “Stop it. Now.” “And if we don’t then what are you going to do? Are you going to punch us weakly?” the bullies teased. “Yeah. I might.” Conor replied. “Just beat it kid. Before someone gets hurt. “Yeah………… Yes and no. I am not going to get lost. And you are going to get hurt.” Saying this Conor smashed the bully in the face. “How did I just do that?!” Conor exclaimed. “Let’s get out of here guys!” the bullies said running. “Thanks.” said the kid being tortured. “Uh…… no problem.” Conor replied. Conor then started walking down the streets. “Now to figure out how I actually did that punch.” Conor muttered. Conor racked his brains. “If I remember correctly then my punch was a perfect knockout punch. A punch that always knocks out there opponent when perfect. If mastered then a very dangerous opponent he is. So know I have to figure out how I did that perfectly, first try, without any practice.” Conor thought that the best place to start at would to do some research at the library.

    Conor walked into the library. He went to the computer to look up some topics. “Hmm… I guess I should look at the book; The Skills of Fate.” Conor said to himself. He found it and read. As he read he was in disbelief. The part he was reading when he felt disbelief: The person who bears skill set A: Karate and Sword fighting can pull of any karate move perfectly without practice or even trying. Conor couldn’t believe that he was possibly the one with skill set A. It also said Sword fighting but Conor wasn’t doing that anytime soon. Suddenly Conor cried out in pain. His mind started throbbing and then………… he passed out.

    In his mind he heard a voice. The voice was saying: “You are the one with Skill set A. Now you have to find Lachlan. He is in the library and has Skill set B. Then find Ethan with Skill set C. I will alert you when you see Ethan. And next time it will not hurt so much. And you won’t pass out. Now go!”

    Conor recovered from passing out and got up. The first thing he saw was a boy about his age crouching down. “Are you all right? You passed out and I didn’t know what to do. I think I was the only one that heard you so I had to stay.” The boy said. “Yeah I’m okay. I’m Conor, what’s your name?” Conor asked. “I am Lachlan.” Lachlan answered. “Coincidence maybe?” Ethan muttered. “Umm… I don’t mean to be rude but have you had any special talents or anything? Like throwing stuff or tricking people? Stuff like that?” Conor asked. “Actually… both of those. I don’t know how. Just natural I guess.” Lachlan answered. “Can we talk? Now? Just around the corner?” “Yeah I guess so.” Lachlan said interested. “Just let me borrow this book. I’ll be a second.” Conor said. While Lachlan went to sit down and wait Conor grabbed The Skills of Fate book and borrowed it. “I’m ready to go.” Conor said. “Okay. Mind me asking a question?” Lachlan asked. “No problem.” Conor said. “How did you know I was good at Throwing and Tricking?” Lachlan asked. “I’ll explain it all when we talk.” Conor said. Conor led Lachlan to a park and sat on a bench. “Okay. This book contains info of the 3 people who saved the world 126 years ago. There is a prophecy that 3 kids would have those skills and save the world. One of the skill sets, to be precise skill set B, has the skills Throwing items and Tricking.” Conor said. “Wait, you don’t mean I am that person who has the skill set?” Lachlan exclaimed in disbelief. “Well… apparently I am the one with skill set A so….” Conor said. “Well… I guess the evidence beats it. So what now?” Lachlan said. “Find the one with skill set C.” Conor said.

    “How exactly do we find that person? The person could be in Argentina for all we know!” Lachlan pointed out. “Instinct.” Conor answered. “Mine or yours?” Lachlan asked. “Just wait and I’ll find him.” Conor said. “How do you know it’s a him?” Lachlan asked accusingly. “Guess. Just a guess.” Conor lied. “Okay.” Lachlan answered, unaware of the lie. Conor led Lachlan out of the park and onto the side-walk. Suddenly Conor had another mind seizure. But as his voice had said he didn’t fell much pain at all. “On the other side of the road. That’s Ethan.” The voice said. “Lachlan, that’s him. On the other side of the road.” Conor said to Lachlan. “Well what are we waiting for? Let’s talk to him.” Lachlan said. Both of them ran to the other side of the road to talk to him. “Hey! Ethan!” Conor shouted. Ethan looked at the rapidly approaching kids. Lachlan stopped. “How do you know his name was Ethan?” Lachlan asked. “Voice in my mind, don’t ask.” Conor replied. Ethan suddenly joined the conversation. “How do you know my name is Ethan?” Ethan asked. “How do I make this quick… Okay. I know. You can make Peace with others easily, you are stealthy, you are one of the chosen ones, I have a voice in my mind.” Conor said quickly. “Okay. But I need some more proof.” Ethan said. “It’s true. I’m proof. My word is proof.” Lachlan said. “Okay then. I guess I am. So now that we have everybody what do we do now?” Ethan asked.
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