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    Allow me to not write in the form of Q&A as I want to mention the government & the people separately, I'm an Egyptian btw & here's what I concluded...

    1. From the common mobs' perspective:

    -The Government: a selfish & invasive one, always interfering with everyone's business & subtly trying to take over the world & steal everyone's oil, it pretends to care about nations & the environment while it actually doesn't give a damn & just making fake faces to deceive everyone. It always spies on everyone in its lands & abroad too, it blackmails people who it wants silenced or else it just kills them. It uses terrorists for its own profit, such as killing people in the name of religion to give it a bad reputation or doing random acts of violence so that the gov can appear as a hero & save the day to make everyone think it's a goody-goody gov that America (as a country) needs.

    -The People: the "free" people, they don't bother themselves with religion & their gov is giving them many many rights, they have sex heterosexually & homosexually as much as they want, they carry guns & weapons for "protection", they can have alcoholic drinks & get drunk anywhere & anytime & they don't give much attention to principles & manners while dealing with others. They're so proud of their country & think it's heaven & every other country is ****, they're also somewhat isolated & still think Arabs live in tents in deserts & Asians do Ninja work for a living.

    2. What I think:

    -The Government: just like many other govs, they're not heavenly & maybe their bad side is greater than their good side, they only care about being the "perfect" country even if that's harmful to others, they play dirty at times but they're no exception, but then again people involved are neither pure good nor pure evil.

    -The People: it depends from person to person, but the pride part is true 90% of the time. Other than that there are religious people & porn stars & countless shades in between, not all of them like their gov & not all of them think USA is heaven. They live for the day & are pretty organized when it comes to getting things done. They're not always caring or friendly towards others but it depends on the time & situation.
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