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    As Emigré put a sheaf of paperwork on his desk, Arthur took them up and browsed them. As he read the various subject headers of the contents list he shook his head in thought, noting the oddest of the topics. He made a note on the top-right corner of the cover to return the syllabus he'd gotten on the first day to the front desk for re-use. The sculpture classes made sense. The rest... He'd wait until those classes before he asked. He did have one thing niggling in his mind, though, and looked up at the tutor when she paused to regard them.

    "I have a question or two; Why us?" Arthur nodded round the room at Boyce and Mackenzie, taking them in to include the whole class. "You've got him with his water, a wrenchie, Mack here and Yaoi over there and me with my mash-fu. Why choose the five of us specifically?"
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