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    I'm attempting sprites for my hack, Shining Waters/Hazing Flames (my sigpic contains a link to the Thread) and I haven't done sprites in ages, so I just want to hear (read xD) some opinions on them and what I should do differently. I'm totally open to any criticism you have xD Also, don't judge the general idea/design of them, these just preliminary sprites I'm doing for practice while the concept art is being redesigned.


    This is Draguard. His concept is basically an infected dragon/serpent/etc. hanging from a shield. His iron skull (which I made pink for some aesthetic value) is showing at the top. I'm not sure what it is about this one that bothers me, but I know it could be better..


    This is Tankle. His concept is a slug formed from radioactive waste material, flowing from a tank on it's back. What bothers me mostly is the lack of texture and the eye, but I ca't figure out to fix this...


    This is Beadle, my Bug-type. It's concept was the combination of a bead necklace with a caterpillar (which look slightly similar in the glint of an eye..), and from there I came up with an evolutionary line based on jewelry. I don't see much wrong with this one, I like the texture and I think overall I did this one pretty well, especially considering I had no concept art, but still open to criticism for this one :3


    This is a Fire/Rock-type I designed... Based on a cooling lava flow. This was done a little while ago, and I think it looks alright, but any ideas for improvement on this one?

    I'll add more later, it's just these 3 for now. Keep in mind these ar 64x64 for a GBA hack (which means I also only get 16 colors including the background). So tell me what you think :3
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