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    July 11, 2013

    Well, I chose a team, although there levels are a bit, uneven. But, hey, gotta start somewhere. My current team is:

    1) Umbreon - 76
    2) Krookodile - 61
    3) Gliscor - 49
    4) Crawdaunt - 48
    5) Mandibuzz - 33 (w/ Hidden Ability)
    6) N's Zorua - 88

    Once again, we start the day out in Black City and check out the days Swarm Pokemon at the Gate. Still not what I needed. I decided I'd enter into the Kanto Leaders Tournament at PWT. I entered in with Zorua, Umbreon, and Gliscor, since they have a diverse move set. My first match was against Sabrin, lucky me. She started with her Alakazam. I started with Zorua. It put up quite a fight surprisingly. But, Zorua manged to take down the Alakazam. I was quite proud of him. Next up was her Espeon. It actually managed to take down Zorua, I felt bad for the little guy. But, I think I surprised her when I sent out Umbreon. Damn Espeon used Yawn though and put the poor thing to sleep. Luckily Umbreon woke up almost immediatley and thankfully I used Moonlight a time or two before he went to sleep. He woke up and I went on an all out offensive and took him down. Her Mr.Mime came out next and it wasn't much of a challenge. Down almost right away. She actually gave me a good battle, I respected her.

    Next up, me against Brock. I quickly retreated my Zorua since he started with Onix and sent out Gliscor since he knew Sky Uppercut. His Onix used Protect an awful lot though. Eventually we took it down without taking a hit and he sent out his Relicanth. I withdrew Gliscor to preserve his HP and the PP of Sky Uppercut and went with Zorua again. Unfortunately, he did not last long. Umbreon was next and he put up a good fight but, to no avail. I was down to Gliscor. I sent him out, but, unfortunately, still not enough. We were out of the Tournament. That Relicanth really put up a fight. We got a Red Shard as a conseltaion prize. What are they even good for? Nothing if you aske me. Wish I could travel to another region. I'm a little sick of Unova. Johto sounds like it'd be nice.

    Well that's all for today's entry. I'll write again tomorrow for todays update.