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Hey, it's me again. This time I beat a Pokemon game (How is Black 2 easier than Emerald?) and have gone through basically all of the plot. I captured all available legendaries I know about (the three musk deers, Azelf, Heatran, Zekrom, and Kyurem) and now need opinions about my team. Yes, I have a full team of six, but the last two (a Chinchou and a Tropius, if you're wondering) are HM slaves because the main four can't handle it.

Aerith the Tyranitar, Level 59.
Notes: In training. Might become permanent.

Thundor the Magnezone, Level 100
Magnet Bomb
Electro Ball
Magnet Rise
Notes: Pure awesome. Ground types have nothing on it (It is fast and has Magnet Rise.)

Bryock the Golurk, Level 64
Hammer Arm
Heavy Slam
Notes: Reliable member. Yes, I know Aerith has Earthquake covered (or the other way around), but Earthquake is awesome. Only bad part is Klutz as its ability, but I don't usually use held items...

Zeus the Zekrom, Level 73
Zen Headbutt
Fusion Bolt
Dragon Claw
Notes: I haven't decided on its status of being a member permanently nor not. It's amazing nonetheless.

Have any advice?