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It appears that everyone on the internet is misusing Autism. Whenever someone either makes a negative opinion, thinks trivial things on something no one cares about, or draws sub-par fanart, that person is accused as being autistic and must be laughed at no matter what, and it's extremely common in a few social sites like 4chan. Not only that, but like ADHD, it's being used as an excuse for misbehavior, so the parents wouldn't be fully responsible in taking care of their child, which also led some to believe that Autism is just a myth. This is not the true definition of Autism, and it seems to give people who are truly diagnosed by this disorder a bad name. Autism involves someone who is socially awkward, has difficult communication (ex: odd word choices), cannot focus on an eye-to-eye contact when speaking to someone, has above average intelligence, and lives in his/her own fantasy world in order to escape from reality. It's a very serious condition that could potentially harm someone's life if diagnosed by it, and I happen to be one of those people, even though my rehab department said I only have a small percentage of Autism. Have you ever met someone diagnosed with Autism? What do you think of those who abuse the term whenever they disagree with someone's opinion and those who use it as an excuse for misbehaving? Have you been diagnosed of Autism yourself? If so, then how are you able to live your life with it?
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