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    Ok, I'm going to take a look at each once, and give my opinions on them, and what you can do to them to make the in-game team a whole lot better! These are just my suggestions here, so bare with me. If you need any breedable I can help you

    Aerith the Tyranitar, Level 59.
    Ok Tyranitar has a few problems here, Flamethrower and Bulldoze are moves that aren't needed at all, as Flamethrower is special based and Earthquake already takes coverage for the ground type moves. There are tons of other good physical moves out there to use either by TM, Level Up, and Move Tutor. Some moves I will reccomend to replace Flamethrower and Bulldoze would be Rock Slide, Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Brick Break, and Aqua Tail

    Thundor the Magnezone, Level 100
    Magnet Bomb
    Electro Ball
    Discharge - ?
    Magnet Rise
    I feel like the set for Magnezone is rather lacking, it is a more special based attacker. Give it a move like Flash Cannon or Mirror Shot rather than have Magnet Bomb there. Discharge and Thunderbolt are moves debated among one another so your pick there. Signal Beam is another good spcial move to throw on there. Then I'd suggest taking out Magnet Rise for something like T.Wave, that way you could put status on the Pokemon

    Bryock the Golurk, Level 64
    Hammer Arm
    Heavy Slam
    Klutz is a bad ability unless you know Trick. However it is not the end of the world here n,n I have a few suggestions for Heavy Slam and Strentgh. First off Shadow Punch is a good physical ghost attack, and I think that Golruk would rather have that. He can also learn the elemental punches as well, so those are to be put into thought as well. Drain Punch is a move as well if you want a healing-draining move, but if you go with that I say replace Hammer Arm

    Zeus the Zekrom, Level 73
    Zen Headbutt
    Fusion Bolt
    Dragon Claw
    I have a bias where I do not use legendary Pokemon at all in-game. I'd rather have a team of super strong skittys than have a team of 100 arceaus. First off, Fuishon Bolt has a limited amount of PP to use, so something like Thunder Punch or Wild Charge will do much better. Zen Headbutt is also not the best move as it doesn't have the best coverage. A move that I would reccomend is Fly, as its in-game; they won't be switching out on you; plus this is a move that is needed for the game anyways

    So by looking at your four Pokemon, I can see that each of them has some flaws here in their; I think that on this team you should drop Zekrom due to it being an electric type (as you'd have two of them) and maybe get some others to add onto your team. A good support Pokemon that can inflict status like Lilligant, Gothitelle, or Whimsicott would not be bad investments to put onto your team. Getting a Starmie with the Psychic -TBolt - IceBeam - Surf moveset would add some power to the team as well. There are HMs to deal with every now and then like the occasional tree and what not, but for the most part Pokemon Black 2 really only needs you to surf and boulder push every know and then.

    There are a bunch of other Pokemon that I would reccomend, all of them being special based and maybe a bit on the bulkier side. Milotic, Togekiss, Volcarano, Roserade, Lucario, Vapoeron, and Chandelure (note - ghost)

    Those are my thoughts at least ~
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