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I really can't stand when people try to use the words autism and autistic as insults for people with opinions and views that they don't like. That doesn't make them autistic. Stupid maybe, but HEY. Did you know? Autistic and stupid aren't synonyms! And HEY. Retarded isn't a synonym for stupid either! Really, people that would use those words to describe other people in a negative and misused connotation are just pieces of ****. I'm normally an understanding and tolerant person, but I'm very passionate about this topic and it angers me to no end when people use autistic or retarded to describe someone as stupid or dumb.

As far as the misdiagnosis and such, I unfortunately don't think that's going to stop. I think that's part of the reason that the ratio of autism has gone up. Last I heard it was 1/50? I could be wrong. The last I heard for sure though was 1/88. Not saying that the actual disorder in itself isn't becoming more prevalent, but I think it's rising too much because of misdiagnosis. But it, and ADHD for that matter, are very real. Try knowing someone in person with it or helping students with it.

My experiences with it first hand are small, though. I don't personally know anyone with autism in person, and I've only worked with one, but it was very briefly. I personally share a lot of traits and similarities with Asperger's Syndrome as well as autism, so even though I have no official diagnosis and likely don't have it (though I'd like to be assessed someday and know for sure), I still feel a connection with it. It's weird, haha. But it's just one of those, "hey i do that too we're not that different now, are we?"

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