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"Victim" of Autism? That wording makes it sound like a thing that attacks someone... which it's not. It's a condition that somebody is born with, just like how some people are born with Mental Retardation, or Cerebral Palsy, or even Blindness or Muteness. It's the fault of no-one.

As for my experience with Autism... 2 of my best friends happen to be autistic, each on totally different ends of the spectrum (one on the lower-functioning end, one on the higher end of the spectrum to the point where she resembles someone with Aspergers... And I just so happen to have Aspergers.)

Both of them are total sweethearts once you get past whatever quirks they happen to have (One doesn't talk much, the other is obsessed with plushies)

One of the things I've noticed, at least, with my 2 friends, is that they both seem to have the mind of a small child, at least sometimes.
the lower-functioning one always has a Sonic plushie with her at all times except when she's in school. Acctually, my higher-functioning friend is pretty much the same, but with at least one out of around 30 plushies she owns.... and she'll even sneak the smaller ones to school sometimes. xD And of course they're both obsessed with videogames... not Pokemon though... though one seems willing if put in front of her while the other was told by her mother that it's just a money scam and won't get involved in it herself -must have been looking at the cards, not the games- of course she won't stop me from getting into it.

Now, the higher-functioning one trys to be like any other teen her age, additude included. Of course she has her moments where... yeah, she needs help/reminders about basic stuff. Oh, and of course she wants to move out as soon as she can. (of course, she doesn't exactly get along with her yell-happy mom, and her dad left before she was born so...) At least she has a web of friends she can come to for various things.

The other one lives with her parents and doesn't seem to have any plans to move out any time soon... which is all fine, especially since she has a good relationship with her parents, even if they happen to be divorced and living apart. She makes an effort to spend time with both of them. As for her friends, I'm acctually not aware of any of her friends besides myself, other than she apparently has friends. Oh, and of course she like, almost literally has a smile on her face. Never cusses either, which I like. (The higher-functioning one cusses like a sailor when allowed to...)

As for the "Fantasy World" thing? Yeah, they'll do that at times... the lower-functioning one just does her own thing and her parents support it, even if it's childish. (and trust me, she can be REALLY childish about stuff she watches... like Nick JR/PBS Kids level of childish O_O Me and the other one have LOOOOONG since outgrown such shows...) while the higher-functioning one has a side to her that doesn't want to grow up and doesn't like how her own mother tries to keep her away from "childish" things like legos and plushies (her mom has eased up on the plushies thing in the past year or so, especially since I came around and cuz I do the plushies thing to) while it seems there's another side of her that wishes she could be more responsible...

TLDR; one is kind of like a 5-year-old in the body of an 18-year old, and the other is like, 16 and trying to make something resembling a balance between the inner child and teenager.

As for me, I've got Aspergers and didn't know about it until my freshman year of high school (I graduated a month ago by the skin of my teeth, but that's another story)
Took at least a year or two to accept it, but I eventually realised that yes, maybe I do have a touch of it, even if it's minor... it certainly explains how I can be so close to TWO autistic girls.

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