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Well, I don't really have much of an opinion of the games themselves, as I rarely play them, and I don't dislike them for anything specific other than the fact that I'm horrible at them :p And again, it depends on which game it is. I've never been able to get into games like Call of Duty and stuff, yet I really enjoy the Borderlands franchise, and that may have to do with the lack of competitive play in Borderlands, as it focuses more on the co-op.

I do however have an opinion on a large chunk of the fanbase for FPS games. You mentioned that they seem to hate Pokemon, but that may just be because a lot of them are trolls, and as Pokemon has been seen as a rather childish game over the years, Pokemon fans are perfect targets for trolling. But yeah, a lot of people play them because they're the "mature" and "cool" games out there, which is pretty ironic considering a large percentage of the players are little children just trying to be cool by playing these kinds of shooters. Now of course that's not the entire fanbase, as there are people who just simply enjoy the games without having to be involved in the whole internet war the games have generated, quite a few who enjoy franchises like Pokemon as well. So yeah, my opinion mainly lies with the fanbase rather than the games, but I must admit, most of them are kinda similar :p

Also, I feel like the poll is kinda targeted at either love or hate, which are not the only opinions in the world :p
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