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Originally Posted by AnonygooseD View Post
Hey everybody, the first spinoff game I've played was Red Rescue Team, I didn't like it because of its difficult controls & not so cool graphics, but I kinda liked the story...
I then saw screenshots of Gates To Infinity & I liked the graphics a lot, so...
Do you think Gates To Infinity might be the one for me? (please list pros & cons :)
Honestly going from Red Rescue Team to Gates to Infinity is quite a jump. If I were you I'd play Sky/Darkness/Time. It probably has the best features out of all the dungeon games. I haven't played the new games but after reading up about them they work a lot differently to the others. Legends seem to be unavailable to use in your team and can only be battled with downloads. Legends in the other games are recruitable and thus usable.

I think if you're looking for a good storyline (and super long!) go for Sky/Darkness/Time where 492 Pokemon are available (491 for Time/Darkness) the graphics are the same as Red/Blue but imo the graphics are simple and cute. The 3D ones though seem to be better Pokemon-wise though as 5th Gen Pokemon are available.
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