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It was a long and hard climb, but Adrian made it up to the top of the woods, to the point where that colony of rodent Pokémon he had met earlier on had shown him.

He had gotten done with his class some time ago, and had left a detailed letter to Bai about his past history. He left out what he thought of it all -- he simply told it as it had happened, which was hard indeed. Those worms are going to pay for what they've done.

He surveyed his surroundings, and they were incredibly quiet... which was unnatural for this part of the woods. He made sure Supernova was quiet (as usual), and he made sure that the Gastly and Shellder were ready to go.

Whatever it was, if it scared this entire part of the woods into silence, it wasn't pleasant. The Raticates only said that they thought there were five or six strange people about... Not a whole platoon of them.

Adrian saw a flash of black in the background, and immediately went after it. Sure, he couldn't move very fast between his cane and the massive Volcarona on his back, but still, he made good progress because of his lighter weight.

With Supernova growing stronger and more used to her new form every day, she seemed to be able to take more and more of his weight every day. Adrian had confidence that she was able to make some good progress here.

However, the blip came into full view, and it wasn't a Rocket like Adrian had heard about on the island. It was something that was to him far, far worse...

"Supernova, let's set something on fire." He heard his Volcarona give off a low, angry buzz with her wings. She was at least as angry as Adrian was, and there was no tolerance for someone that was a part of an organization this... evil.

An instant later, the Rocket grunt found himself running for his life from a massive fireball that came flying his way from a very, very angry Volcarona.
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