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    For me it would be:

    Gen 1 - Jynx/Zapdos (what are those things ... Zapdos looks ugly, but in a good way :D)
    Gen 2 - Raikou
    Gen 3 - Hariyama (Fat sumo thing). Deoxys too
    Gen 4 - Probopass / Magmortar / Regigigas / Arceus (The first one is a Mario wannabe that looks messed up, Magmortar looks like a fat Santa Claus with a cartoony cannon, and Regigigas... what is that thing supposed to be? Arceus does not look like a God Pokemon, it looks like a llama stuck in a hula hopp.)
    Gen 5 - GENESECT / Oshawott / Conkeldurr / Garbodor / Klinklang / Tornadus-I / Thundurus-I / Landorus-I (Genesect looks like a robot, and bug-type robots just disgust me. It reminds me of those buzzes from Donkey Kong Country 3. Seriously, please explain how is oshawott cute. Conkeldurr? No thank you. Ugly nose, ugly face, ugly everything. Garbodor... I assume you know that already, but at least he's useful. Klinklang has a terrible name and I want to shoot the person who came up with it. It's just gears. Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus are all very ugly in their Incarnate forms. Lazy and uninspired designs and they look too much alike. The Therian forms are really good, though.)
    Gen 6 - Gogoat

    What about you?