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Oh, this will be fun.

You really think Raikou, Genesect and Gogoat are ugly? I adore Raikou's design and like it better than both Entei's and Suicune's. But we all have our different opinions ;)

I have a hard time deciding on the ugliest 5th gen even. Tranquill is ugly imo because it has such a boring design. A middle bird without a real reason or distinct looks. Conkeldurr is really ugly, haha, it looks like a clown with unproportionally small legs and I never liked that it had big stone poles it carried around. But also Seismitoad, especially with its freaky wobbling head thingies in its game animation. Crustle isn't downright ugly, but I think its design is quite bad :p That stone block is just too large and square haha. And of course, Garbodor. It's name is smart and nice even, but its looks are terrible.

That's just gen V, so I'll likely post again at some point xD I didn't know that I found so many pokémon to be ugly, but I just can't choose on one. Luckily I also find a lot of pokémon beautiful and cool, so.