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I enjoy first-person shooters to a degree. But not all FPS I love. For example. Half-Life 2 and Portal are two of my least favorites.

I enjoy the multiplayer aspect of FPS as well. My two most played FPS are Halo and Call of Duty (from MW2 and up).

In terms of story line play, Bioshock seems to my favorite (but mostly because I enjoy looting and in-game choices).

My enjoyment of Call of Duty online can sometimes change as my skills have never been consistently great as opposed to Halo where I've always been able to hold my own.

It appears that as long as I'm good at Call of Duty, I have an okay relationship with the series. Lol.

Originally Posted by UltraMew
What's your opinion on FPS's? God, the people who play them seem to hate Pokémon...


Yep. Most of them hate all the good games.
Also, these type of assumptions drive me mad. I am a hard core FPS fan, but I'm also a devote lover of Pokémon since 1999. And my love for Halo and CoD has never come between my love and respect for Pokémon.
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