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So i recently pulled a Thunderous Ex and did a few trades to make this amparos deck somewhat possible. I dont really have trainers dedicated to this deck so i mostly just pulled stuff from my poison deck.

Pokemon: 18 (10 Basics) A little higher than i want.
1x Thunderous Ex
1x Zekrom Ex
3-1-3 Ampharos
2-2 Eelektrik (NV)
1x Emolga
2x Eevee (PF)
1x Leafeon (PS)
1x Jolteon (PS)

Support: 11
4x Juniper
1x Cilan
2x Colress
1x Hugh
1x Shadow Triad
2x Skyla

2x Plasma Badges
2x Frozen City
1x Colress Machine
1x Tool Scrapper
3x Rare Candy
3x Great Balls
1x Energy Search
1x Random Receiver
1x Switch
1x Dowsing Machine

13x Electric
2x Plasma

I still need to test play it a bit. But it works pretty decently. Not sure if its tournament ready though.
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