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With the right team, the right moves, and a good amount of training, he honestly isn't as hard as people make him out to be. But I think the challenge he provides is justified. People may find him to be unnecessarily hard, but the fact is, the Pokemon series was supposed to end after the second generation, and thus they had to make a worthy final trainer. It wouldn't really make sense for the remakes to make him weaker, especially not with all the new and strong Pokemon introduced since the originals, which might've even made him easier, but iirc, they raised the levels of his Pokemon. And apparently all of his Pokemon are perfect 31 IV's, however I haven't been able to find that anywhere, so that might not be true.

But yeah, he might be overpowered, but I think it's best that way. It may require a whole lot of training, but as the original final boss of the entire series, it makes sense for his difficulty to be a notch above everyone else, and it just makes for a more fun battle. I honestly think it'd be more fun if his team could kinda rotate, so he had several different Pokemon everytime, as it'd fit better in with his character (the slogan is gotta catch 'em all after all :p), so that one wouldn't be able to make a team beforehand with typing coverage, making it more of a skill-based fight :p But then again, that might be a bit too hard.
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