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This should be interesting :]

Gen 1: Mmm... Gloom. Disgusting design.
Gen 2: Xatu. I hate his design to bits and its just so... boring for me to look at.
Gen 3: Swampert. Don't get me wrong, I liekz them Mudkipz, but Swampert is just so ugly! >.<
Gen 4: Gliscor. I get that it's strong and stuff, but I consider his design to be hideous :[
Gen 5: GARBODOR! I Can barely tolerate Muk from Gen 1 but this? A ripped trash bag?! Just no.

@ChiliDawgs. Oh no you didn't! I love Togekiss, but yah, I guess not having a neck (or a defined zone for a face) gives it quite the amount of negative points xD

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