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Thanks for all the kind comments guys, I just want to address any questions given and throw out a little update here.
Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
Why was the name changed from Signomi to Lotus?
Signomi wasn't really fitting I felt. The Lotus tree is a mythological tree, and given that a lot of the game is about mythology, and most professors are based on plantlife and such, I thought Lotus was more suiting.

Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
PS - Why are the characters having their hair parts cut off?
That's just the CSS, the sprites are being put into circles so parts of them look cut off, but that's just the thread layout.

Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
Why is this not in the Showcase? Surely it has enough content about it, plus it's worthy. I really like your new thread layout, and those Drawings of the Heroes look top-notch! Lol, I expected some "newer" screenies, but whatevs, everything still looks great. Nice to see this back, and really...the thread looks super. Nicely done!

[EDIT] Team Forever Alone, lol?
It's up to Maruno whether or not this goes in the Showcase, and I believe the previous one was moved in here by him, thus I'm just following suit. You're right though, I should present some newer work, and I shall right now. Team Forever Alone was a bit of a joke over at dA, but I don't think the team really has a name haha.

Some screenshots from the lab event, just to show that progress on eventing is being made and so forth. Nothing overly special here.

Now for the last of today's indoor screens, a look at the player home and PokéCenter.

A little visit to Tranquillo Town & Trad Farm which is above Tranquillo Town.

Lastly, a little look at Sonata Town, the third town you will visit on your journey.

If there's something you guys would like to see more of, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate!
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