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    Originally Posted by Kotowari View Post
    Getting one of your units killed when you're thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to beating the chapter. :T
    Insta-restart for me... always with pain in my heart. |D;

    I guess the most annoying chapter was the one in Radiant Dawn, where the Daein Army must fend of the Crimean Army. Why are you all so weak, Dawn Brigade? OTZ My love to Edward, btw. Eddy's best. <3

    i know! once in sacred stones only the boss (which was a cyclops) remained and i attacked with joshua. it seems he had a swordreaver and he ohko'd joshua next turn. i was so frustrated because i didnt want to lose anybody and in the end resetted the game and replayed the chapter.
    Originally Posted by R.F. View Post
    I'll see if I can find any of the both. Thanks.

    What is the most annoying thing that has ever happened to you in Fire Emblem?
    In Awakening the side quest where you get Laurent. To successfully complete it you had to get the right person to the first town in order to get Laurent and after that you had to visit the second town and after that wait for other towns to show up until you got the right clues to find the hidden one. So on my first playthrough I didn't use Chrom or Miriel so I missed out Laurent and after that I finished off the boss of the area which lead to ending the mission. I messed up the entire mission without knowing and even saved after that. At least on my second playthrough I got it all right. ^^"
    i know i messed up that chapter too but that was because i wasnt strong enough to fight all the reinforcements so i killed the boss on purpose i hope to get it right this time around :D
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