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Hi all, now I know that I am a total newbie as I have just joined the forums, but I wanted to get this idea out there.

I am going to use RPG Maker XP (Hopefully i'll be able to buy it soon - using trial version)

I wanted to start this fan-made game because I had a vast imagination on what I could do. Again, this is just an idea.

Topaz version is another game that will be in association with the line of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. (The color of the game is, or course, yellow). So, Topaz version will start in a new region known as the Osolis region. It is a fairly small region since it is only the beginning to the game. I will make it have a few new pokemon, or fakemon. Because it is a small region, there won't be as many fakemon nor will there be 8 gyms. There will only be 5 or 6 gyms. Topaz version will act in the same way as HG or SS did, where the player starts in one region, but travels to another. In Osolis there is Team Thunder (or lightning or electric, still haven't decided) and they will act in the same way Team Aqua/Magma did. The mascot legendary will be awoken and used for mass destruction, but whenever you think you have it under control, it takes off for the Hoenn region. Then you must travel there and tame it while at the same time, taming Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. (keep in mind, Osolis is fairly neighbored to Hoenn). The starting characters will be different (still working on them) and you will meet Brendan and May in Hoenn as very "masterful" trainers.

I am deciding whether or not to make the game layout in RSE style or my own (like the bag or pokedex). I am also trying to decide if I should make the game in HGSS format, like tiles, or RSE format. Sort of 3d looking like HGSS tiles or just use the RSE tiles.

I don't have any screenies because, again, this is just an idea.

(Please do not take this idea whether you like it or not, as I might actually try to make this game.)

Thanks for your time!
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