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    Do you mean ugly or bad? Because it is not easy being ugly, some have to work really hard at it! You can't really blame a pokemon like Garbador for being ugly, he is a bag of trash! That's like saying Skuntank is bad because he is smelly, he is a skunk.

    Garbador is ugly as a defense mechanism. He is supposed to be ugly and he succeeded! Garbador was fun on my 3rd run of BW. (I admit not never using him until a 3rd run. come on he is a bag of garbage, who knew he was secretly cool.)

    Pokemon I hate the look of:
    Gen 1: Oddish Line - all of them
    Gen 2: Jumpluff line - all of them
    Gen 3: Swampert - He his just so lumpy and the blue/orange contrast badly. My school color are blue and orange and they look great together!
    Gen 4: ????
    Gen 5: Throw and Sawk (for obvious reasons) and Cottonee