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    I'm always for Fakemon BUT most people seem to be focusing on design. I find that, to make convincing Fakemon, you need extreme dedication and fantastic attention to detail. For example, you need to not only make front and back sprites, but also party icons. If you want to go even further, you need to change (or delete) footprints, either enter new cries or make sure the Fakemon's cry lines up with whoever it's replacing, change their sizes, maybe even change how much experience they give. THEN, not only do they get new movesets, you have to balance the moves. For example, making sure there's always atleast one level 1 move so the Pokemon aren't stuck only with Struggle (I see this happen a lot with evolved Fakemon/inserted Pokemon), make sure they still have good moves if caught at a high level in the wild, make sure the Pokemon don't learn moves that are too strong too early and vice versa. AND make sure that they learn TMs and HMs that make sense, this step is very easy to overlook, and can become problematic if you change TMs. Oh, and don't forget to change stats and abilities so they're not just clones of the Pokemon they're replacing!

    Really, this is why it's way easier to have Fakemon in fangames instead of hacks, haha. But if people can accomplish all (or most) of these essentials in a Fakemon hack, I think they deserve support and not have so many people brush them off because they hate Fakemon.
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