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    Boyce had zoned out a bit once taking his seat, but he had done well enough to memorize the faces that stood after and the words that followed each of them. Yunia or "Dune" as she wanted to be called was the most interesting of all, a matter that Boyce was sure most of them could agree on. She didn't want to associate with any of them, that much she had made clear, despite there being nothing visually alarming to make her feel as though she was better than the rest of them. Boyce tried not to judge, try being the key word there. Her talent was also the most interesting of those announced, largely due to the fact that the right mixture of their abilities and they could be a useful tandem. Alas, there would be no chance to combine the two. She was set in her ways, Boyce didn't have the special kind of patience for her attitude, and the last thing the group of them needed was a internal war. If she wanted to be left alone, so be it... Boyce had been there and purchased the tickets to that show already. "Pushing" wasn't his thing.

    "You have a class studying the various chemical interactions water can effect and undergo, as well as weather patterns."

    Snapped back to reality, Boyce looked at the syllabus placed in front of him. Along with the classes that Emigre had read aloud for all to hear, there was the addition of three more classes. First was Geography, a class that seemingly made sense for someone who could manipulate 70% of what covered the earth's surface. Daunting indeed. Geography was followed by Interstellar Species Relations and lastly Atlantean Politics, another class that Boyce felt was based off the underwater society. It peaked his interest enough, so that would work. Boyce had took enough time off from learning that the task at hand was going to be difficult, but the interest in the subjects assigned for Boyce was enough to make it seem less horrifying. Emigre too, was enough of a calming presence that matters would be too terribly unnerving. She seemed invested in their nurturing and in their perseverance over their powers and even their fears... Good company to keep, for sure.

    At the mentioning of questions, it was like a typhoon of thoughts broke loose in Boyce's head. Everything that he had quietly asked himself in his head, or pondered was fighting its way like raging waters to escape his lips. Before that could happen however, someone else managed to get words out. The boy with the sculpting talents? Yes, that was him. Boyce listened intently as the boy asked why there were all chosen for this, a good question, then as he mentioned them outside of their names. "Him with his water?" Boyce could feel a slight anger building, but a stream of happier thoughts refocused him and gave him the ability to look at Emigre. If there was an important question to ask, then the sculptor had just asked it.

    "We're hardly similar... It's a reasonable question, ma'am." The words rolled off Boyce's tongue with full cajun enunciation. "It just seems like odd timing. I would imagine that we would have some similarities, but I have seen and heard not a single one. It's... It's very different from what I think we're all used to."
    SICK-AH-NING, hunty.
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