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Update 1

I receive my starter: Cyndaquil
I do the storyline upto violet city and start beating sprout tower where cyndaquil evolves into quilava on the trainer before the elder.
I beat the Elder and then the Violet City Gym leader after that with quilava sweeping through.
I receive the egg and head down route 32 with only encountering 1 trainer. I enter the pokemon center to receive the old rod, and i go back towards Violet City where i start fishing for a poliwag.

The Poliwag i found was on the 2nd fish and it was level 10. Quilava used quick attack, it took it down to just above half, i threw a pokeball and caught it and i was a happy bunny.I boxed quilava and the egg and i proceeded with the game by, training Poliwag to level 12 where i then took on all the trainers on route 32 where i left it just before union cave so ive done quite alot in my recent run.

Now i know its been a long time since my last update, and ive forgot most of what ive done i just remember who i beat, and what i used to beat who.

Update 2

After Union Cave i started training before taking on team rocket & Bugsy, i trained it to atleast 16. After i trained poliwag that high, i took on team rocket, i grew to lvl 18, and then i attempted to take on bugsy
At this point i was so far off lvl19, but i wasnt able to beat Bugsy Straight away. In fact my 2nd try wasnt enough, but my 3rd time was lucky, as i got 2 critical hits in a row with poliwag and it was enough to 2hko the scyther.
I proceeded through ilex forest beating my Rival and i beat the trainers on that route after Ilex forest(im bad with route names). I then trained poliwag to 25 where it then evolved and took on whitney knowing i was going to win. I then got the squirty can thing, and i beat up the sudowoodo. I then proceeded to Ecruteak city where things started to go uphill, only because i could catch 2 more pokemon, 1 in mt.mortar and one on the route east of mt.mortar, and these were machop & mankey, machop was lvl 14 & mankey was lvl 15. I first trained Machop to 25 thinking that it evolves at lvl 25 but of course im not very smart so its staying their for now. At this time poliwhirl is lvl 30. and mankey is currently lvl 20 as im currently training it hardcore. However i will find machops evolution lvl and if its not too far away i shall train it to that lvl. Anyway thats all ive got to update, see you at the next update


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