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Originally Posted by Oshamaru View Post
What is the most annoying thing that has ever happened to you in Fire Emblem?
This wasn't really annoying, but Inigo missed TWICE when he had a 96% chance of hitting.
Some things that annoy me are crit hax, especially when the enemy has a 1% chance, losing a unit when you are about to finish the chapter, unexpected reinforcements that totally destroy you, and the tomes from old FE games that could hit you from lots of tiles away.

Cormag got destoryed many times due to those Boltings...T_T And some of them were also critical.
it IS pretty annoying i think :D all of them annoy me as well. this morning when i was playing binding blade i was gonna destroy the boss and then... POOF! 5 units appeared out of nowhere right next to the boss and my thief was in the lead i made it out of there without losing anybody though thankfully.
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