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    Iny Gage: Practical Battling --> Battlefields

    “Here you go” He offers, Handing the jacket over.

    "T... Thanks" She says, Draping the jacket over herself knowing her arms would be far too short for the sleeves.

    “Yeah, I heard about Lavaridge Town alright, it’s supposed to be crazy warm. Personally I don’t know if I could stick the heat, but I guess it’s probably something you get used to as you grow up there."
    He replied looking over to her.

    "Yeah I guess, I never really thought about it to be honest. Just seemed normal."" She explained calmly " Although as it shows I'm nowhere near used to cold weather."

    "We are going to start the next part of the lesson. Make sure you have a jacket, enclosed shoes and long pants on, if you don't you may go and change quickly before heading out to the training fields... and yes I will know if you don't come back. I'll explain the rest of the lesson when you are there." The teacher clearly said to the class.

    Iny's eyes widened a bit, The last thing she wanted to do was go outside in this, she wasn't even able to bear the small draft all that well.

    “I assume you’re gonna head back and change?” Clumsy quizzed looking over at Iny.

    "I dont own anything that would help... Never thought about buying anything on my way here. I was gonna check out oak town after class." She said whining quite a bit. Thinking it through she has one idea, Although it might require Zane's permission who she wasn't on the best terms with after being late and interrupting class.

    "Hey guys, we're going outside now, come on!" The odd boy said, rushing outside with just about as much as she had on minus the jacket.

    "Lucky..." Iny mumbles to herself under her breath..
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