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Haru Hatake

Haru began to wrack his memory for anything tha could be useful for dating purposes...No buffets. They might kick me out again. No adventures. Kayla's leg is already jacked up. Nowhere on campus. Too boring... Come on Haru! Think! Think! He began to pace back and forth and stroke his chin, as he did when deep in thought. "Well, maybe we can go..." He stopped and looked up at the sky. "Maybe we can go..." He looked at the gathered group and an idea clicked within his head. "We can go to Oak Town and see the sights, eat, you know, the like." It was a vague idea, but it was an idea. "If that's a little dull then we could go do some nature hike or something like that." He was hoping that would be sufficient, but he was open to other suggestion. Any suggestion.
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