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    Ooh, fun question! Now let's see... I wouldn't put any legendaries in an arena with regulars, especially seeing as to how weak the cats are. In a game perspective at least. In the gaming perspective, the legendaries' statistics are just so much superior to the others that they would probably be crushed if it hasn't been trained properly. But it all depends on who is on one 6-member team and who is on the other.

    In the non-battle sense, we've seen Pikachu take on some seriously tough Pokemon and win by a landslide. Normal-types can learn just about everything. Yet the legendary cats are all gods of elements. So I think the winner would probably be Suicune since she seems to have control of multiple elements, water, wind and crystal (?), as well as Ice since she is a Water Type. I might edit this to form a more in-depth answer :D