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What was your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? - Cubone (me!), Squirtle (friend!), Koffing, and occasionally a Parasect for when it was a tough battle coming up. :D
Did you have a particular pokemon join your party? - I did! I ensured to get a Koffing to join my team since at the time it was a favourite of mine. It took a lot of time but eventually I managed haha.
Did you create a team on impulse? - There wasn't much choice! In the story you're stuck with two Pokémon and you only realistically have space for one more on most missions, and after the story I only tend to use one Pokémon since using more is effort haha. So it wasn't impulse, no!
Did you just go along with you and your partner? - Nope, Koffing was my buddy <3
After the main storyline, did you change your party around? - I dumped my party and stuck with just my character! Sometimes I swapped which character I was playing as, but I mostly just stuck to Marrowak once evolved haha.
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