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Do you want to go by a nickname? If so, your nickname is: Blade
Pick a partner Pokemon (optional): Delcatty
Pick your partner's nickname (optional): Dream

Your favorite real-life cat: Olli's cat

Your favorite cat Pokemon: Delcatty! I love its design, especially its ears, cheeks, collar, tail, asddfgf;; everything about her. Her shiny form is so lovely too. I had to chain a shiny Skitty no matter how many hours it took. I love the Eeveelutions as well - so furry and fun to use in battle. I also like Arcanine, Sneasel, Absol, and Luxray. The black stripes/fur look really good. :3

If all the feline Pokémon were to have a big battle royale, who do you guys think would win?
Mewtwo would decimate most of the felines here, though maybe Weavile's dark attacks and Suicune's/Umbreon's tanking abilities could halt it. If legendaries were removed from the playing field, I think Vaporeon or Arcanine would surpass many felines in combat since they have balanced stats.

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