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I'm not sure if you're saying that it's a bad thing that we strive for quality, haha.

I do like the fact that we have requirements that members have to abide by, but it's not like that the requirements are out of control and enough to scare off newbies. for actual posting, it's like 100 words. the legibility of those words relies on the game master and if he/she wants to be able to read them or if it's fine to just go with it. roleplays, I like to have meaning and motive (it really bothers me when members just post "team rocket is back!! we gotta stop them!!!") but the other stuff is self explanatory

I like the level of quality we have but... are you trying to say me and pete should be less strict with accepting roleplays? I like the level of quality the RPC has built up since I started here :)
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