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    Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
    First of all, did you ever attempt to use the Honey to catch Pokémon?
    Sure, once I figured out how it worked. I started out trying to just leave the screen and come back, but when that didn't work, I figured that meant you had to wait a while. I ended up doing a route of trees around Floaroma (the one up in the meadow, the one just across the bridge to the east and the one in front of the Weather Institute) and I'd just check them all every morning and evening. That worked out fine. In Diamond, I caught everything there was to catch in them except for a Munchlax, which was fine with me. In Pearl I hunted down a Munchlax tree too, so I got all of them. Then in Platinum I just happened on a Munchlax pretty early on, but had to spend a long time hunting before I finally found a Heracross. And no matter what they are, catching them's a breeze - you can save in front of the tree and it'll be the same pokemon with different stats (and gender and such - important for Combees) every time you reset until you either catch it or don't and reslather the tree. When I finally found that Heracross in Platinum, it took a couple of dozen tries before I finally got an Adamant one.

    How do you think it compares to other methods of wild encounters such as Headbutting Trees in G/S/HG/SS?
    I actually sort of preferred it to headbutting, since it doesn't require a move. I rotate team members constantly, and in HG/SS, I have to be sure that I've got someone with Headbutt with me if I want to check trees, while in DPPt, it doesn't matter who's on my team.

    Would you like to see this mechanic return in future games?
    Eh - I wouldn't mind it, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it either. It was okay, but I'd rather see something different.

    And finally, how the hell does a Heracross fit in a tree?
    The same way it fits in a pokeball?
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