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Haru Hatake

Haru saw the punk from earlier show up. Shawn told him to get the girls, but there was no way in Hell that he would back down from this bastard. "No. Shawn. I beat the crap out of this guy earlier. He wants to mess with MY girl. You get the girls. This guy is mine." He strode forward and pushed his new friend out of the way. "Sorry bro, but this bastard is mine. He can have Holly after I'm dead." He cracked his knuckles and sent out his best bet against a Growlithe: Torch. "Sorry Holly, but this kid has to learn that he can't hurt you, no matter how hard he tries. He needs to learn that I'm here to protect you, and that if he lays a hand on you, he will get the living Hell beaten out of him. Holly...I love you. I will die before he hurts you." Haru clenched his fist and looked the kid in the eyes. Only the other kid could notice, but there was a fire burning deep in his eyes. "Bring it on. Give me everything you've got. Don't hold back. I sure as Hell won't."
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