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    X and Y are making promises to change what we know about Pokemon and evolve the games further than ever before. And they are meeting our expectations without breaking a sweat.

    There are a large number of changes to Player Interaction as well as general global use.

    Starting with the new PSS (Player Search System)

    The PSS seems to control everything related to PvP involvement. Using our built in Spot Pass feature, you can pass and friend players you may not even know. With a built in ranking system, every time you pass some one they are slowly moving up your friend ladder for the Pokemon game. This just allows for you to collect Friend Codes at a fairly easy rate. As far as I can tell the rank of the people you pass doesn't seem to effect connectivity.

    PSS allows us to do our normal battles and trade, but now it also controls the GTS. We can GTS Trade without needing to go to a Pokemon Center so no more interrupting your gameplay to head back and check on the status.

    Another change to GTS is we are no longer required to have seen a Pokemon for it to appear on our list. All of the Pokemon will be made available (unconfirmed but its there in the wording...if not implied.) Making GTS trade searching a little bit easier in terms of completing the Pokedex.

    A new trade method has been introduced, Wonder Trade. This is a bit of a gamble. You can put in Pokemon into the wonder trade and random people can trade what ever they want for it. Neither you nor the person you are trading with will know what they are getting. Unfortunately as nice as this is, I don't see it ending very well with the large amount of trolls out there.

    Battle Spot seems to replace Random Match Up. Other than that I don't see much difference between the two.

    We can now track PGL news from our games thanks to our Holocaster and the news network. No more needing to check a computor if there are any promotions going on. We'll be able to check all of this in game as well as be alerted to special events and news for Pokemon.

    Finally, these last two are fairly small but really cool additions. Timeline and Photos. We can use the Timeline to mark events in our game's history and use the Photo addition to take pictures in game at some key points. While both of these are merely novelty trinkets in terms of new features, both seem really cool.

    I hope they are going to keep these new features rolling. I want more~

    What do you all think about these new connection features.

    (I did leave out O Powers on purpose. They are identical if not the same as Pass Powers so I didn't see them as something worth mentioning as of yet.)
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