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Kilik Chambers - White Lugia Dorm -> Hallwayd

Once everyone was out, the Zorua included, Kilik looks at the time. They really should head to class soon. It's really going to be an interesting lesson to learn. Meanwhile, while he wasn't paying attention, Zorua was apologizing to Man about everything. Soon, she took the Zorua in, nicknaming her Akira. That's a guy's name in Virtua Fighter!

Kilik turns to Mana as she starts thanking him for his help. "I don't get why you're taking Akira in after what she's done, but..." Kilik left it at that, knowing what Akira did afterward. It's gotta be worth something. Mana suggests they head to class, pecks him on the cheek to further her thanks, & tries to figure out which way is their class. Kilik just blushes & holds his cheek for a moment before he coughs nervously & looks at the hallways. "I believe it's...this way."


Class was over, so now it was on to the after plans. "Now that I have some time," Kilik began, "I believe I'll need to find training grounds." But where to start. Kilik was planning on training his Pokemon, work with their assets, as well as their flaws. If he can do that, he's one step closer to honing his skill. As Mana wanted to come along, she just needs to ask. Kilik like seeking attention from an audience, even if it's just one person. The more the merrier anyway.

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