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    First of all, did you ever attempt to use the Honey to catch Pokémon? If not, was it due to the waiting times, lack of species available or something different entirely?

    i had used it once, only to try it. but i never really had an actual reason to use it. if i were to use it again, it would be for fun. as i like to use my imagination.

    How do you think it compares to other methods of wild encounters such as Headbutting Trees in G/S/HG/SS?

    A. it doesn't compare. headbutting is boss.

    Would you like to see this mechanic return in future games?

    A. only if it was needed for story line / events or maybe you could only catch certain pokemon using honey.

    And finally, how the hell does a Heracross fit in a tree?

    A. lets go into this.
    trees can be a number of sizes. and heracross is a bug type, so. where else would it live? :D
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