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    "Pan, Seed Bomb!" Pan spit out another of his specialized seeds towards the grinning Gengar. However, the attack went through whatever material Gengar's body is made of. The Gengar's smile widened, splitting its face. The Focus Blast it prepared a while ago was sent flying towards Dex' direction. Dex barely managed to evade the attack, while Pan and Scrag easily jumped to the side. "Scrag!" Dex screamed as he saw Scrag run towards the Pokemon. He knew that it would not do any damage at all as its attacks right now are mostly Normal- and Dark-type attacks.

    "Pan! Support with Leech Seed!" Pan nodded and spit another seed. This time, it managed to wrap up the Gengar just before it took a swipe with Scrag. "Scrag! Come back here!" Dex ordered his Pokemon as being in close distance with a wild Pokemon that strong is too dangerous for a level 20 Pokemon. "Pan! Bite!" Pan rushed towards the Gengar. However, Scrag, still disobeying Dex, surprised them with a quick blur of attack he recognized as Faint Attack. It also surprised the Gengar. It started to disappear but the leeching effect of Pan's attack took effect. "Scrag! Faint Attack!" Both of Dex' Pokemon rushed to attack, but a Shadow Ball stopped them in their tracks. "Come on!"


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