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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Lucario, Eelektross, Krookodile, Vaporeon, Espeon =)
And replace Tepig with Volcarona ;)
This team will let you win anything with ease.

But you should play with your favorites to enjoy the game more.
Ooops, sorry! I forgot to add in to the post that I am also in need of some live sets, I'll edit that in now!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey there!

I did post this in the In-Game Team Questions Thread, but according to Srinator that was in the wrong place and told me to make a thread instead.

In my opinion, I've always been quite good at playing through the storyline and post-game, but my weakest point has always been teambuilding. Since I have recently deleted my save file as I haven't played it for months, I think I'm going to play Pokèmon White 2 again!

The only 5 things I need/want are Tepig (of course Emboar later on in the game), a Pokémon for flying but hopefully not a HM Slave, some sort of Water type for surfing and other moves like that and possibly a HM Slave, a team that will give success in many of the Gyms and the Pokèmon League and an idea of movesets.

Thanks in advance!

23 days until~