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Mark sat in the Pokemon Center for some time waiting for his Pokemon to be healed. Eventually, the nurse had finished the job and handed Mark his Pokemon back. Mark grinned and thanked the nurse for taking care of his Pokemon though she did mention that Commodore was a bit of a mischievous one... he didn't bother to ask about the details. Commodore would be a rough one to get back together... Mark had to discover his new strengths and weaknesses. That evolution turned him into a massive power house but what did that mean for his defenses? He'd have to find out...

Mark walked out of the Pokemon Center, hands in his pockets. He made his way back to his dorm room and immediately jumped in the shower to relax and wash himself off. Other then make his Pokemon more secure, he wasn't sure what he was going to do the rest of the day other then try to control Commodore. He kept jumping out of his Pokeball and doing whatever he pleased. He would have tried to do the same training Able was going through but this was a Program! Unpredictable and sometimes glitchy! It would be complicated... but its better then having him blast holes through the academy. Commodore would be dangerous to just have floating around.

Mark got out of the shower, Towel wrapped around him and layed down on his bed. He needed a nap... he'd go and eat later but right now he just wanted to sleep his problems away for now. He deserved that much at least. He planned to sleep only for a couple of minutes but it would depend on how he felt really... he kept his Pokegear nearby in case somebody needed to contact him.

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