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    A soft mumble came from Marie's lips as her senses were returned to her; with a shock that went through her body. Two things floating in the nearby area, a sea of dots that were unimportant, until it found one bright area across her mental map of the school. Immediately filled with a purpose, Marie sat bolt upright and glanced around the nurse's office she found herself in; bandages wrapped around a few of her limbs, her guitar taken away, and some healing salves on the worst of the bruises on her face. She and the shocked nurse shared a few moments of staring before she sprinted out of the office, with the Nurse yelling after the young woman.

    With her feet pounding against the ground beneath her, Marie stopped only to visit a drink machine, popping in a few coins, which had remained safe through her fight, and taking away an energy drink, drinking large gulps of it with every corner she turned. She had a goal, and it didn't involve paying attention to her bruises, her blazing headache, or going to her packs to collect her spare doorknob-turning gloves! All that she could feel was the bright area of light, waiting near the entrance of Youkai Academy. Psychic abilities had never been so useful.

    And then, she saw them. Two abnormalities stood before her at the entrance to the school, one hiding from her field of vision, and the other standing in a confrontation with the other students, of which the first was a part. Skipping over to Divine, Marie grinned at her, ignoring the others, and began to run her hand's through the mermaid's silky blue hair, sniffing it a little. "Hi! My name is Marie. Can I have your babies? You've got to be the cutest guy I've ever laid my eyes on, and I've seen lots of them! I could show you my magazines, but I don't want to leave your side!" She giggled madly between every sentence.
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