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    Haru Hatake

    Haru was on the verge of losing it and letting go to his anger. This punk had the nerve to threaten Holly, Kayla, and even Shawn! Nobody gets away with threatening friends! And he abused pokemon! It was only a matter of time before Haru went after him. Shawn and Kayla had released a pokemon or two to stop the Growlithe. "Torch, stop that Growlithe or any other pokemon he tries to send out. Don't be too rough on them. It's not their fault they have an Arceus-awful trainer." The Charmeleon nodded and had an idea. It took the fallen pup and picked it up off the ground with its mouth facing away from him, preventing any biting incidents. While he kept the Growlithe busy, Haru approached the kid. He gave a forceful jab into his gut, and while he was bent over, he kneed the guy in the nose. "You have the audacity to hunt us down, AFTER I beat the crap out of you. You have the nerve to to abuse your pokemon right in front of me." He clenched his fists in rage. "You are stupid enough to insult Holly." Haru could feel it: The anger he kept locked inside. "I'm sorry if I damage you permanently." It swept over his mind. Haru didn't know what happened next. He lost control.
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