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Valorie Ryder - ???
Valorie sat upon what appeared to be the shelf on which she'd been resting earlier, having managed to pull herself into a more comfortable position Looking up at the domed cieling she examined the vent near the top, searching for perhaps a sign. Peering through the folds, she could only see metal. It must've been an indoor ventilation system, perhaps even air conditioning? It didn't matter. She was far, far too short to even dream of getting anywhere near that vent.

After some time attempting to massage away the pain in her leg she attempted to stand again, finding it somewhat difficult as the pulled muscle in one of her legs refused to support much weight and hurt regardless. She managed to begin limping and made her way over to the door, attempting to open it. To nobody's surprise but her own, it was locked.

Valorie's eyes narrowed. She'd had about enough of this little creeper cell. Now where was her satchel when she needed it? She could swear she'd seen someone use a hairpin to pick a lock somewhere before--Probably a movie.

It seemed as if she were trapped until the door abruptly swung open on it's own, revealing... nothing. Hadn't that door been locked before? It had swung open at a modest speed, as if hit by a strong gust of wind--Only there was no wind. Valorie decidedly did not care to stay and investigate. Proceeding past the door she slowly made her way down a dimly lit hallway in her pajamas. Almost immediately she rounded a corner in the hallway and it opened up into a new room. This room was lined with several other doors sporting small peep-windows. She peered inside to find they were empty, but that they heavily resembled the room she'd been in earlier.

Valorie slowly became very aware of the absolute silence of the place, the complete lack of any sign of any life. Each room and hallway was entirely clean. Moving through a new hallway at the sluggish pace mandated by her limp she soon found yet another room full of these cells. Was this... a prison of some sort? She didn't bother checking these rooms, instead moving right on along. She passed through several more identical sections of this unknown building, never once seeing a window, and the place started to feel like a maze. The soft noise of her bare feet against the stone floor had become loud in the absence of any other noise.

All at once Valorie found herself wandering into a much larger area littered with various large geometric blocks on the floor. They looked far too heavy to so much as budge without the help of a pokemon or an exceedingly strong man, each one being well over five feet tall. Near one side of the wall she could see a very large indent in the wall, but no method of interacting with it. Decidedly ignoring this room she began to move through, only for a foreign noise to finally reach her ears. For a moment she had a hard time discerning what she was hearing, but then it became clear.

They were very small footsteps, of the non two-legged variety.

A light powdery snow has begun to fall and accumulate at a slow and steady rate. Within ten to twenty minutes, one could expect the ground to be mostly invisible under a thin layer of snow where not frequently trampled on outside.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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