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Hello, and welcome to the:
Owl City Fan Club!
This is a club where all Owl City fans can join.
All PC Rules apply, of course.
Do not harass or troll.
And have fun!
Signup Format:

Favorite Owl City Song:
Answer Current Topic:

Username: angelomanalo
Favorite Owl City Song: When Can I See You Again
Answer Current Topic(Example): Because Adam Young has a great voice.
Featured Song
The most liked song by the members of the club will be featured here.
(P.S, I'm not gonna put my favorite song to show my fairness to the others)
Note, if all songs are equally rated, then no song will be posted here.

Members List
We have 4 members so far.

Topics -They will be given to the members to answer them.

Why do you like/love Owl City?
Have you ever been to an Owl City concert?
Who is your favorite person who sang with Adam Young?
Was Owl City always your favorite band?

So, have fun!