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Originally Posted by Xolace View Post
PokéCommunity, its the new eHarmony.
I wouldn't doubt that, back a while ago when I was under a new account I had a try with a relationship here, but it just kind of failed due to it to feeling a bit forced. This was like three years ago though and the person in name isn't on this site anymore. It was a nice end though, and didn't suffer from any "drama" despite us being stupid teenagers 0u0

As for my won sexuality, there probeley is a million labels to give it, as some of the tumblr social justice warriors would like to argue, but there really is no need for having a paragraph or two describing who you like.

To be simple, and blunt with one short answer I'm Pansexual - I just go with the flow, and like who or what I like. While yes you can go into the specifics how I'm more "asexual" around people in real life and more of a pervert on places like tumblr and so. There really is no need to go with specifics, because it really shouldn't matter for anyone else but myself and my loves.
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